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5 Effective Workout Routines for Weight Loss


5 Effective Workout Routines for Weight Loss

Posted on March 22 30

Want to lose weight but don`t know where to start? Following a weight loss routine is easier said than done, but isn`t impossible. With motivation and dedication, you can achieve your ideal weight in no time.

Generally, Exercise falls into two categories: aerobics and anaerobic, and either of the two plays its role in weight loss in its unique way. Aerobic exercises work to burn fat when you are performing workouts, whereas anaerobic exercises take part in weight loss by speeding up your resting metabolic rate (RMR), which is the number of calories burned at the resting position of the body. If your body is muscular, your resting metabolic rate, i.e., speed of burning calories, increases because energy consumption is much more in maintaining muscles than in maintaining fats.

It is worthy of note that muscles have more weight than fat, so anaerobic exercises will contribute to bringing out a healthier you and do not help you lose weight. But muscles, as compared to fat, are healthy weight. So, to keep away from fat, it is advisable to build muscles.

Take Your Measurements

Before starting your workout, use a weight scale to note your weight and take your measurements with the measuring tape to keep the record. From the time you start your weight loss routine, keep track of whether you`re gaining weight or losing. Put together whatever you can to track the changes that occur due to workouts.

Set the goal in your mind, how much weight you want to lose and how fast. As a beginner, you can go slow at first and don`t exert too hard on yourself.

5 Workout Routines that Will Help you Lose Weight


The largest muscles in your body are your leg and butt muscles. To perform squats, stand in front of the mirror facing forward, keeping the distance between your feet according to the width of your shoulder. Begin the fun workouts by squatting up and down for 10 to 20 times. Do at least 2 sets. This workout helps in building leg and hip muscles.

When your stamina builds up, you can try to perform these squats with 2 pounds of dumbbells in your hands. Before doing any exercises, one must warm up first. And stop if the squats hurt.    


While you perform pushups, 70 percent of your body weight is supported by your arms, which is why it is known to be a form of strength training. Doing 2-3 sets of 20 pushups daily at home will surely help build arm strength and increase RMR.

Brisk Walking

Walking is well known to help keep one fit and healthy. But very few people know that brisk walking is a better way to burn fat. This should be kept in mind that before attempting a brisk walk, warming oneself with regular walking and stretching is a must.

When you start brisk walking strides, keep maintaining the fastest pace possible for you and for as long as you comfortably can. You might get tired while brisk walking; you can add short intervals of regular or slower walking.

Jumping Jacks  

To lose weight quickly, aerobic workouts like jumping jacks are brilliant for the entire body. 4 or 5 sets of jumping jacks are recommended or done as needed. An ideal place to perform these workouts is a ground-level story because if you do it in a second-story apartment room, you can make your neighbors offended.


A tremendous method to get the heart throbbing and burn calories is stepping. Stepping up and down the stairs of your house or apartment building can help, but the best results can be achieved if done on stackable steps mats. Begin with 2-3 sets of 20 steps. At first, you may think that your endeavor is useless, but it`s not! This exercise will work incredibly in losing weight and shaping your butts and legs as well and without you noticing.

Exercise with a friend

As we all know, sticking to the exercise routine is not easy, but having a friend to accompany you who relies on you to help in the weight loss exercises will be a good idea because you wouldn`t want to let each other down by canceling the exercise routine.

A friend`s company will not let you get bored and quit as you can take inspiration from one another, and a friendly completion will make the routine enjoyable.

While you make the strategy to lose weight fast at home, think of combining both exercises, aerobic exercise (burning fat) and anaerobic exercises (strength training). Starting these workout routines 2 to 3 days a week, most, if not all, will get you rid of that unhealthy fat soon.

To take it slow and easy, you don`t need any fancy equipment. As your strength builds up, you can move to a gym facility or buy the proper tools like dumbbells, exercise mat to assist you in your workout routines for weight loss.