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Best Time To Visit A Destination


Best Time To Visit A Destination

Posted on 2024-06-06


Its bad manners to let a vacation wait but a trip can be fulfilling only if you’re visiting the right destination at the best possible time. Weather, occasions, festivals and events should be considered a priority in any planning because certain places can be enjoyed to its fullest extent only if one is wise enough to take advantage of the conditions.

While savvy, adventurous and experienced globetrotters might enjoy a trip during off season but for most, the time, expenses and weather plays a huge part in their vacation planning.

Vacation isn’t about the rides, trips and drives but it provides us the opportunity to explore ancient palaces, Greek islands and diverse cultures. It’s about visiting the places that you have never been to before, doing things you have dreamed about and eating foods which were not known by your taste buds.

Be it a single “me time” traveller on the discovery of his inner joys or a friends group whose travel plans have finally made it out of their WhatsApp group chat, deciding what place would be able to satiate their curiosity and would be perfect for their excursions is always going to be one of the most debatable decisions with numerous options and vastly different opinions. With Contiki, you can customise your single or group tours because they offer the best experience and options across six continents.

With this Blog, I would like to inform you about best time to visit the most famous sites across our globe.

Best Time To Go On A Journey:

Our world offers breath taking views and many wonderful sites waiting to be explored. One can’t deny that being prepared beforehand is far better than having to regret later. A little bit of consideration goes long way and can massively improve your experience.

Here are the tourist seasons you need to know:

High Season:

High season generally means experience of meeting other tourists and best temperature to visit heritage sites and to appropriately indulge yourself in respective activities. But before opting for high seasons, you must be aware of the fact that high season means huge population and expensive prices and fares. If you tend to avoid crowded spaces or have a tight budget, then instead of making an expensive regrettable trip, wait it out and plan your trip in the Shoulder season. If expenses and huge public isn’t your concern, then know that high season in every country depends on the type of activities it’s providing.


  • For Switzerland, Northern Europe, winter weather is the high season because it provides ideal conditions for tourists to enjoy skiing in Alps.
  • Maldives, Bali, USA and Hawaii’s high season falls in summer making it the best time to visit beaches. 
  • Turkey, India and France are best to be visited in springs.
  • Egypt and Middle East tends to have high season in summer, winter and springs based on varying geographical locations.

Low Season:

If few tourists and low fares sound appealing to you then low season should be your optimal route. With these worthwhile advantages, the disadvantages such as bad temperature, closed heritage sites, few and stretched flight schedules and unavailability of service and rooms.

Low season might not feel appealing and exciting to many but for people in need of peaceful vacation, low season is the most desirable option.

Shoulder Season:

A season between high and low, the most unpredictable season of all. It’s the most forgotten season at the time of planning. If you go right after high time, you’ll probably find a nice atmosphere without the hassle of long queues or right after the low season can also be a great option because you’ll likely find prices to be low, as the temperature begins to turn ideal and crowds won’t have arrived yet. No guarantee of weather whatsoever, so you ought to pack smartly.

If you plan to take a solo trip or feel like going on a group excursions, sit down and narrow down your itinerary and preferences. This will give you a clear understanding of what you’re looking for and you can also look at the deals by Contiki since they are providing tours to almost all the major tourist destinations. From Thailand’s beaches to Canada’s Rocky Mountains, you will surely find yourself an ideal itinerary suitable for your group travelling and tours.

If you’re planning on hiking, skiing, snowboarding, sunbathing or exploring, it’s mandatory to plan accordingly since all the following activities require ideal weather conditions to be carried out. Plan for, pack up and set off to your much anticipated tourist destination with Contiki.